Here are blogs that are well worth reading:

In the Days just gets better and better every time I visit. It is comment on current events from a Christian perspective. Highly recommended!

Mike Macon is Pastor of Calvary Chapel on the Lakeshore, Michigan. I love the way Mike writes and is not shy in what he wants to say. Read it here: Mikescape

Simple Minded – a group of Calvary Chapel pastors blogging about everything related to church planting and Calvary Chapel. There are always some interesting discussions going on – simple minded

Bryon Mondok is a pastor with Shepherd’s Staff Missions Facilitators check out his blog here – Bryon’s Blog

Dave Kosobucki is the pastor of Horizon Christian Fellowship Central in Indianapolis – his blog can be located here

Chris Elrod is in a league of his own! Simple, fun and down to earth. I love reading what Chris has to say. Chris’s Blog

Rod Pearcy is Media Director at Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This is his blog

My buddy Jon P’s Blog: Distorted Reality

Warren Rachele has a blog called “Love Acceptance Forgivness” – his mission is about restoring justice and mercy in the world through the church. He pastors a church in Denver, Colorado

This is a wonderful blog for Dad’s to be proper Dads!

I venture over to Longing For a Holiday at Sea every now and again and I’m always blessed when I do.

Living Journey: Living Journey

Lastly, and the most recent addition is the blog offerening from Travis Connick. He’s a really smart writer and I’d encouarge you to pay him a visit at Travis Connick


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