Sam E, SamE, Sammy ??? What kind of name is that?

I grew up with the name “Sammy” because my older brother couldn’t say my real name. So it stuck. I’m in my 30s and my folks still call me Sammy.

I’m married and crazily in love. I mean not just in the physical sense but my wife just moves me. I can’t explain it but that’s a fact, so there. I also have four kiddies who are as just as crazy about me as I am them.


Oh yeah – the “blog”. Seemed like a good idea at the time. The only theme I have is “me going through the Bible” and “The Bible going through me”. But it isn’t only that. I’ll have a rant every now an again -sorry. Here you can laugh at me, cry with me, agree with me or tell me I’m a idiot. That’s ok. I’m just working through a lot of things and by the time I’ll have them nailed they won’t matter anymore … sigh.

I like:

– Sitting around with friends and talking about everything and nothing. You know the kind of friends that you don’t feel like you have to fill silence with something? Yeah, those kind of friends. It’s cool just to veg.

– losing myself. Playing piano at night – 3am seems a good time to get lost. Strapping my ipod to my head.

– the romantic and completely nonsensical devotion to God. I’m blown away by how God makes Himself evident to me and through me and how I can please Him and in that pleasure He sings over me with rejoicing.

Favourite Things:


– Red wine, coffee & cheesecake – particularly baked cheesecake. I can make a mean Raspberry & White Chocolate Bakes Cheesecake. Maybe I’ll make one for you if you want?


– anything non fiction really. Depends on my mood. My literature tag has some recent reads.


I’m a professional musician (as well as a full time pastor) so my likes are somewhat eclectic. Classical Music: anything from 1800-Present. I can’t do Impressionist stuff like Debussy, or Expressionist stuff like Schoenberg – but anything else I’m REALLY into. Fav composers are probably Rachmaninov, Elgar, Bernstein, Reich, Glass.

Popular Music is a lot harder to pin down – I’m fairly passionate and if it moves me I’m there. That means I could have Pearl Jam, Meyer & Dave Brubeck on the same play list and think nothing of it.


Stranger than fiction, Reign over me

anything I’ve missed? let me know.


11 thoughts on “About SamE

  1. I love this idea of blogging about your understanding as you read the bible.

    Next year I have a blog that I am doing where I intend reading the Bible in a year and then blogging about it.

    Sometimes I may not have anything to say, but at other times I may post something that I have learnt or even things that I am confused about.

    It is a major commitment.

    Oh, Thanks for visiting my site and I have just noticed that you have blogrolled me… thanks again.
    I have added you to mine.

    Have a great Christmas won’t you!


  2. Hello SamE!
    So nice to see another Calvary-connected pastor with a WordPress blog. I just started a few days back. If you have any tips for someone just starting out, I’d be eager to listen.
    grace, mercy and peace,
    Dave Kosobucki (Indianapolis, USA)

  3. Nice site, can I ask you to pray for me? I was reading some of your posts every preach about the “Hall of Faith” Hebrews 11–love to get your take on this great scripture

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