It’s been a while since my last post .. I’ve been busy putting together a number of things .. one of which is a leadership mentoring project at church. The program takes potential leaders through the basics of leadership and the vision for ministry. This week we’re looking at leadership structure and why it is some churches have one structure and another church might have a different structure. I’ve come up with a basic model that I use:

Leadership Model

In the middle is a church community – which requires some form of leadership. To determine the leadership style we first apply Biblical & Historical Truths – on the left of the closed bible is a description of the 1st century church and church history, on the right are the priciples of accountability and responsiblity. The bible is closed because these do not change. To the left of the church community is an open box that I’ve called “Context”. This box is open because the context changes. For example, when I planted out church 6 years ago we were a different entity than we are today.  On the right of church community is the requiremnt for called people who are empowered by the Holy Spirit (this includes bearing fruit), saturated with the Bible, and motivated by servitude.

I’m then planning on talking this through with those attending and discuss how our church ended up with a leadership structure that we have.

Does this look like a good model? Why/Why not?


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