I’ve been reading Travis Connick’s blog and he has written an excellent post on suicide. It’s really first class.

I remember the moment exactly; it was a peaceful Saturday morning. My wife, Trea walked into our bathroom and said, “The paramedics called and they need you.” A young man who I knew ended his life, and his young girlfriend was in the room, witnessed it, and wouldn’t speak to anyone but me. The girlfriend kept telling the paramedics, “I just want to talk to Travis, please get Travis.”

The rest is here

5 thoughts on “Suicide & Survivors by Travis Connick

  1. Your blog is great, very clean, and good articles. Also, I gotta tell you I think it’s very cool that you play the piano, when our daughter is born I am praying that she will take it up. I’d love to hear you play somehow

  2. Travis, thanks although i can’t take any credit for the look – that’s down to wordpress!

    Next time your in the UK i’ll give you a private concert 🙂

    added you to my blogroll … hope that’s ok.

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