I’m really into the ethos behnd the missional movement but I confess that I need to be read up on it more so that I can lead our church in that direction. So I’m looking fro some help. there seems to be 100’s of books that are “missional” but I don’t have the time of energy to read them all. So what books are essentials?

I’ve read:

– Breaking the missional Code – Ed Stetzer

– Compelled by Love – Ed Stezer

– Radical Reformission – Mark Driscoll

– Confessions of a Reformission Minister – Mark Driscoll

Which others would you recomend?


One thought on “Essential Missional Reading

  1. Lots of good resources are available at http://www.ActsOne8.com. Here are some book references:

    Growing an Engaged Church – How to Stop “Doing Church” and start BEING the Church Again, by Albert L. Winseman, is an insightful book that all pastors and church leaders should read that not identifying where many evangelical churches are today, but that also offers a prescription for getting back on track to fulfilling God’s mission.

    Let the Nations Be Glad: The Supremacy of God in Mission, by John Piper. Read of God’s desire for all nations to worship Him and how missions fuels worship in the church.

    Shaped by God’s Heart, by Milfred Minatrea. A book designed to assist churches join God on a missionary journey in the 21st century.

    Empowering Kingdom Growth: The Heartbeat of God, by Ken Hemphill. This Broadman & Holman book walks you through the history of God’s Kingdom, tracing its roots and tracking its resiliency through the pages of the Old Testament and the teachings of Christ. Christians will be encouraged to embrace a life focused on God’s Kingdom.

    To The Ends of the Earth: Churches Fulfilling the Great Commission, by Jerry Rankin. Southern Baptists have one of the most effective missions enterprises in the world. Published by the Southern Baptist International Mission Board, this book illustrates how any church can get involved in God’s work of redeeming the world.

    Foreign to Familiar, by Sarah Lanier. This “easy read” resource is an excellent primer for helping persons to begin thinking cross-culturally.

    Hope this helps,

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