Over a dinner date last night I had one of those thoughts that I often have but rarely express. The thought was, as I was starring at Mrs Same was: “i love you, but i dont’ exactly know why”. I mean, I could say that she is attractive (and she is), she is kind (and she is), and witty (and she is) and etc etc. But so are 1000’s of other people in this universe. It got me a little spun out that WE would be together. I mean, it’s not something I could qualify.

As I was thinking about this I got thinking about the reasons I love Jesus and what makes him so special. I know the theology. I know the Psalms and how they take you up to heavens to gaze at the Greatness of God. I know the gospels that record His life and death. But anyone could read the psalms, and the gospels and observe Jesus, and get a pretty good understanding of who He is. I know the catechisms by rote and understand that God loved me first. But it doesn’t add up. And I found that, as I was thinking, that in the end, it was something that I couldn’t qualify. I’m grateful that Jesus died for me and saved me from the enemy and has lavished me with every spiritual blessing … BUT …

It’s so easy to get drawn into the idea that love is something that like an equation or forumla. But it isn’t. The fact is, Mrs Same and Jesus, do something to my heart.


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