I’ve run out of films to watch & discuss at our church Film & Theology meeting!

In the pipeline I’ve got Flatliners (theme of the after-life) & Cloverfield (theme of the moster that lerks within) but after that I’m drawing up blanks. We’ve already studied Stranger than Fiction, The Prestige, The Pursuit of Happyness, Transfomers, Lady in the Water, Pay it Forward, I am Legend, Gattaca.

Can you helo? what film would you watch and what theme would you choose?


5 thoughts on “Film & Theology

  1. Theme…hmmm….
    How about the supernatural, that in appearence seems only natural.

    For example:

    Superman fights for “truth, justice and the American way” Jesus fights for “faith, hope and love.”

    Like Superman, Jesus Himself appeared in human form – yet was supernatural in essense.

    Like Superman, Jesus sets an example of how to live his life for others.

    Something like that?

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