So i’ve signed up to twitter … i know, i know. If you’re thinking what I was thinking what I first heard the prhase … “What .. on .. earth?.

It’s a brief update on what someone is doing at any given time – limited to 140 characters. You can send an SMS, update via wifi mobile or on the net. You can post short thoughts or link to longer blog entries.

You get to “follow” people and the list of their posts are given on one page – it’s been very interesting watching people’s opinons regarding the US presidential race!

The people I’m following are:

Chris Elrod of Compass Point Church, Lakeland, Florida – he is a honest guy with a great sense of humour. I love his posts.

Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz and Searching for God knows What, (and amongst my all time favourite books). He also gave a closing benediction at the Democratic convention. I’d like to meet this guy and hang out with some of his friends … share a pizza or something.

Ed Stetzer is like “Mr Guru” of missional thinking. A very cool man who not only twits about church meetings and such like but also throws up some honest questions about family and fatherhood etc.

Bob Franquiz is the pastor of Calvary Fellowship in Miami. He has some interesting things to say about church planting.

Dave Lewis, Founding and lead pastor of the CORE Church of Troy

Mark Driscoll, teaching pastor at Mars Hill Church, Seattle is not a regular twit and generally uses twitter for announcements and polls.

Corby Stephens is pastor of the Exchange Church in Forest Grove, Oregon


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