OK, for a while I’ve been thinking about trying to plant my own fruit & veg so I thought I’d give it a god, and maybe along the way share some things I’m learning.

The main reasons for doing this are:

1) save money on weekly food bill

2) eat organically

3) reduce waste

That’s the experiment. Can I actually save money on my food bill?

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

– I’ve got 8 tomato plants ready to harvest any day. I put them in a large old BBQ that was no longer being used. This way they were off the floor and away from slugs/snails.

– I’ve got strips of turnip, leek, beetroot and radish growing but some have been attacked, even though there is a fleece covering them.

– I’ve got a large elderflower tree growing but have no idea how to harvest the black berries that come from them … any ideas?

– I’ve got an area of the garden that has a large blackberry bush growing that we have already had one nice blackberry crumble from!

– I’ve got a blueberry bush growing in a large pot. I aquired it in June and don’t expect any fruit until next season

– I’ve got two raspberry bushes that are producing a small harvest.


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