Do you remember a few years ago – 2000 actually – when there was all that increased violence in Israel because Israel had killed a 12 year old boy? It was caught on camera by a French new team. The Palestinians retaliated, and everyone from Bin Laden (quoting the event as one of the reasons for 911) and his dog were outraged by it. Well, I just read this article by Melanie Phillips from the Standpoint Online who have published the results of a court case in which France 2 (the state-funded TV station who originally broadcast the 55-second film) has lost a libel case which inadvertently has brought to light that the 12 year old boys death was fabricated.

Why is this important? Well I think it forces us to challenge a number of things:

1) the reality & authenticity of documentary news

2) the agenda of pro-Palestinian/anti-semitic news

An astonishing article – please read!


One thought on “Faking a killing

  1. sorry to burst your bubble but the case only ruled on the libel verdict while, and issued no verdict on whether the tape was actually “fabricated” or not.

    This much, however, is irrelevant considering that human rights organizations (including Israel’s own B’Tselem) has extensively documented the murder of hundreds of Palestinian children.

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