Here is a photo of Todd Bentley’s tattoo on his left forearm. It is Japanese but I need to know what it means.

This may be important in verifying or nullifying a theory I have about the Angel called Emma who he gives credit for what is happening in Lakeland, Florida. Any help would be appreciated.


4 thoughts on “The Meaning of Bentley’s Japanese Tattoo

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  2. More information has come to light… the symbols do NOT mean Great King David….Pastor S E Ray from Eternal Path got back to me with an article that explains things better…

    One of the tattoos that have puzzled people are the three large Japanese Kanji symbols on his left arm. Eternal Path turned to expert Takanori Tomita, a native speaker of Japanese and fluent in English, who translates Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana Symbols. Kanji are ideographic characters. Each Kanji character represents an entire object, idea, or meaning in a visual character(s). Many kanji characters are similar to each other, and some can have different meanings depending on context. The first letter on Todd’s arm means DAI=Big or Great, the middle one EI=Protect or Defend, the last one OU=King or Monarch. In Japanese, DAIOU is often added to provide honor to the subject of mention. In proper order, it would would seem to read “Protect Great King,” however not only is the order wrong, but the character in the middle is incorrectly rendered. Further more, even if the middle character is used at the top, there’s no such word combination like “Protect the Great King”. It doesn’t make any sense in Japanese even if the order of the character is corrected and the middle character is properly written. It is not unusual for Western tattoo translations to be in error. The middle symbol does not represent the Chinese character “David” in this context, as is widely speculated.

    Alex Mizuno, another individual versed in Japanese tradition and writing styles, who produces Japanese documentaries, revealed that there is a Japanese word “Emma Daioh” which means “Emma, the Great King”, which is used very commonly in his culture. This God is sometimes simply called “Emma-sama (sama is added for respect)” or “Emma.” Buddhists recognize Emma-sama as Yama, who rules the spirits of the dead in Naraka (hell). He said Todd’s erred tattoo was in favor of the latter translation. The tongues of flame accenting the Kanji symbols also support his position depicting the god of Naraka.

    From this link….


    I hope this helps


  3. Why would he want to want to have tattoos on after he claims to be born again?

    Lev.19:28-‘You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves: I am the LORD.

    Isn’t this verse obvious enough?
    Or is he of the persuation that as long as it’s in the OT it does not apply? Then that would put a big question mark on his theology!

    Anyway, in Chinese, the 3 characters just means ‘King David’.

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