One of the premises of those that promote the Lakeland “outpouring” is that miracles are happening. So I want to take a few minutes to address this premise but let me first say that I believe in miracles. I believe that God heals people today. A big erroneous assumption that is made the “Lakeland crowd” is that because people are being healed it must be good. However, this arises from two false assumptions:

1. That God wants everyone to have a healthy body. This is simply not true. When Peter & John went to the temple to pray they encountered a lame man who had been lame from birth and he was carried every day to the gate of the temple to ask for money. Strange because I recall at least two occasions when Jesus went to the temple. If God wants people to be healed physically why wasn’t this man healed? IN 2 Corinthians Paul pleads with the Lord to take the messenger of Satan from him (probably a physical infirmity of the eyes) and was told “my grace is sufficient”. It is my deduction that God does not desire that everyone live a life free from physical pain.

2. Miracles are a proof of a move of God. However it is my opinion that all miracles suggest is that the origin is not man. A few cases in point: Jannes & Jambres from Exodus were two magicians who copied the miracles done through Moses. They could not create anything new and they could not “undo” the plagues that were sent. All they could to was create more misery. But the fact that they could do them implies that miracles can be done by the power of Satan. Furthermore, Paul wrote in ” Thess 2:9 that The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders. Paul clearly suggests that Satan can do all power, signs and wonders.


3 thoughts on “Lakeland Miracles: Proof of God

  1. Since sickness and disease are the products of sin, specifically the fall of man in the garden, you are saying that God desires the product of sin in our lives.

    Jesus healed everyone WHO CAME TO HIM. That is the important point. People have to come to Jesus to receive healing. The only time Jesus ever sought out anyone to heal them was the guy by the pool of Bethesda.

    It is only a theological supposition, and not one supported by the text, that Paul’s thorn was any kind of physical infirmity. The text specifically says that it was a messenger of satan sent to buffet Paul to keep him from being proud.

    Jesus said that the miracles he did proved he was from God. He also said in John 14 that the works that he did, all those who had faith in him would do them as well.

    You have more faith in satan to deceive the children of God than you have in the Holy Spirit to lead them into all truth.

  2. Hey Sam,
    Thanks again for another thoughtful post!
    This is where I really wish I had posted about Justin Peters… With his cerebral palsy, he is such a witness to God’s sufficiency! http://justinpeters.org
    Bless you and thank you again!!

  3. Rahabsplace, if coming to Jesus is all that is required why are not all believers free of sickness. They come they genuinely believe and yet the sickness remains.
    If we make it “all can be healed” then we deny the sovreignty of God, who is the author and giver of life itself.

    Also what of Paul’s advise to Timothy about a little wine for his oft infirmity? Should he also not have said “go to Jesus”.

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