I’m reading Breaking the Missional Code by Ed Stetzer and David Putman which has questions for reflection at the end of each chapter – I’m going to blog my thoughts as I try and answer those questions:

Chapter 2

1. Describe the specific people that God has called you to reach

Well I have a heart for the younger generations – from young teen to mid 30. I know that is a large group of people but I think I identify personally more with them than with any other people group. Within that group I suppose I find myself reaching out to the musician and arty types – again because I can relate to them better.  I know that is not answering the question. all I’m answering is where my heart lies whe it comes to types of people but I think this is a good start!

2. ID other churches that are being used by God to reach simliar people

The trouble is that Breaking the Missional Code is written for an American reader where there are lots of church doing things successfully. In the UK it is hard to find a church that is being used by God in this area. I’ll have to investigate this further. My gut feeling is that it is not going to matter too much if the church isn’t UK  based.

3. Write a brief paragraph on what your church would look like if it broke the code among those people.

There would be an engagement in popular culture – films & tv shows – biblical teaching would be presented in a relaxed & inform way that related to that groups issues. 

4. ID the adjustments you need to make in light of what you are learning.

hmmm .. i’ll pray about that!

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