So i’m on holiday. I’m not going away, just staying aound the house and pottering. Actually I’ve got lots to do and as a way of keeping a to do list in front of me I’m posting them here:

Things I MUST achieve this week:

  • Spend quality time with each of my children and my wife. I think that this will have be busy most of the week. I feel like this is the most needful.
  • Spend each evening going through Joshua with my wife – we started but then we got sidetracked. So I’d like to start that up again.
  • Finish reading”Blue like Jazz”
  • Transfer files from the old G3 to the MacBook Pro

Things I’d like to achieve this week (that I think I might):

  • Catch up with some friends – usually tis happens at Starbucks in town. As a family we’re going to Kent (about 2 1/2 drive) to meet up with some good friends that our kids have been bugging us for AGES to go and see. They have a small farm and are fairly self-sufficient so that is alwasy a challenge for me personally – to use more of the things that I have rather than just buy something new.
  • I’d like to clean my wife’s car because it is a disgrace!!!!! I thought mine was dirty but oh my Goodness!!! Maybe I’ll get this done before our trip to Kent.

Things I’d like to achieve this week (but don’t think I will):

  • I’d like to blog something every day. This is a tall order. But I’d like to at least
  • I’d like to finish a song I’ve been working on. It’s far from finished but I’d at least like to have some creative energy to sit at the piano and try. For this I need a prolonged time of quiet. Fat chance then.

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