1 Peter 1:4 – “… to an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and that does not fade away, reserved in heaven for you”

I’m going through 1 Peter in my devotions and hope to bring you some thoughts as I discover them in my own walk with the Lord. Verse 4 carries on talking about what God has done for us. Peter had previously said that we have been given abundant mercy and a living hope. Now Peter adds that we not only have these things in our present situation, in this life. Not only do we have this mercy that is more than we need and a hope that is alive because it looks to the future but now he says that we have an inheritance.

It’s like … “There’s more?”. An inheritance of course speaks of receiving something in the future. Peter says that we are going to receive something – and the nature of it is is “incorruptible”. It is imperishable. It doesn’t rust or get holds in. It does get used up and doesn’t need rationing. It is “undefiled”. It is pure in it’s substance, untouched by sinful hands. It is perfect for us and perfectly for us. How Great is our God that He should not only save us and bless us in this life but has stored up for us a glorious inheritance!

One thought on “A Glorious Inheritance

  1. 1 Peter is such a great book – so full of gems like the ones you received today! It’s just like the God of all grace to give us more and more and more – it’s mind-boggling!

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