Reports have been circulating about a teenage girl committing suicide because the fake spoilers of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!” I don’t know if that is true or not, certainly I have only been able to find hear say remarks and nothing concrete as yet … not even news reports.

That would certainly be a distressing affair and one that I’m sure JK would not want. One thing that does distress me is the hype surrounding the launch and the hunger for the book by many. This morning I was sitting watching TV as the news  reported on the 1/2 mile long queue outside one bookstore in London. My thoughts? I wish people would read the Bible with so much fervour. Harry Potter may be a well written and imaginative story but it cannot bring life. When Jesus was on earth, at one point, many of his disciples left him. He turned to Peter and said “Do you also want to go away?”. Peter answered him, “Lord to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life”.

4 thoughts on “Teenager commits suicide over Harry Potter book

  1. I find it quite intruiging that apparently this particular HP novel has a lot of similarities to the story of salvation – evil, wrongdoing, blood sacrifice, redemption, saviour etc. And we all know just who gains and benefits from a false gospel when cloaked in this manner. The “Serpent of old” continues to work tirelessly to deceiving many into believing that he isn’t real, that evil is okay because somebody ‘good’ will overcome it, and that you can dabble in “white” witchcraft safely. Sad that even many Christians don’t recognise the obvious dangers in such stories. What is read and watched goes into the mind, from whence Satan can access it to use for his purposes – that’s why we are exhorted to read the Word and meditate on it because doing so leaves us less open to such deception.

    But it’s just another sign of the times we’re living in and the very soon return of the King of Kings for His own. Blessings, TKR 🙂

  2. TKR, you are right of course. Anything that takes us away from our Saviour is anti christ. I’m sure that JK Rowling isn’t entirely to blame but certainly the spirit of the age that blows (Eph 2) is blowing in fantasy literature and films circles in these days.

  3. I think it’s a reason not to subscribe to spoilers? The story is that the girl read (what proved to be false) some spoilers out on the Internet – this happened before the book came out. If she’d even have bothered to read the leaked photo-on-the-carpet book, maybe because it ends differently she’d have reconsidered.

    If someone is so unstable mentally that a work of fiction seals their fate, it makes you wonder what was really going on with that girl. I’m a Zen Buddhist, but I respect that many Christians would interject that the girl and her family needed to put down the fiction and pick up the Truth, yes?

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