Last month I wrote four articles opening up Acts 2:42 and commenting on what the church should look like (God’s Blue Print for the Church 1, 2, 3, 4). Now I’ve started to read Mark Driscoll’s book “The Radical Reformission” which has got be started thinking about the way we do church today without destroying God’s blueprint. I think that God has designed his house much like we would design a house – there are a certain amount of things that all our houses share in common: walls, ceilings, windows & doors, light system, running water, drainage etc etc. But He has left it up to us to fill that house. Now bear in mind that the church is a group of people – it is people that are the bricks of this great building. So how do we fashion a spiritual house for the Lord? Driscoll urges us to a challenge he calls “Reformission” : “a radical call for Christians and Christian churches to recommit to living and speaking the gospel, and to doing so regardless of the pressures to compromise the truth of the gospel or to conceal its power within the safety of the church” (p. 20).

Over the coming weeks and months I’ll be examining how the church relates to the culture without losing the power of the gospel.


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