truthwar.jpg The Truth War by John Macarthur is a summary of thoughts on the Book of Jude, comparing the exhortation of Jude to “contend earnestly for the faith” with the current post-modern thinking that truth cannot be objectively known. Macarthur outlines some important things in this book and deals with questions such as: “Can truth survive in a Postmodern society and “does it matter?”.
To both he answers a resounding “yes” and then goes on to deal with the Christians duty to respond to false teaching in general. He traces the thread of false teachings from the 1st century to modern times and questions if this “new thinking” is really new at all.

His last paragraph in the book left me wanting more: “Look at any period of church history and you will discover this significant fact: Whenever the people of God have sought peace with the world or made alliances with false religions, it has meant a period of serious spiritual decline, even to the point where at times the truth seemed almost to be in total eclipse. But whenever Christians have contended earnestly for the faith, the church has grown
and the cause of truth has prospered. May it be so in our time”. p186

I would highly recommend this book to any Christian that wants to take on the battle to win hearts and souls for Jesus Christ.

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