The charity memorial concert for Diana, Princess of Wales was “the most perfect way of remembering her”, Princes William and Harry have said. There is no doubt that it was a good “gig” but I was a little disappointed: please don’t get me wrong – my eyes were riveted to the screen for 90% of the show – I was more disappointed in so many empty seats in Wembley and the over hype that seemed to go along with it. I know that there were 63,000 people in the stadium but it looked very empty from the days of the old Wembley didn’t it?

Having said that I think Diana would have enjoyed it and it was great to see the Princes getting it down!

What now – well I think that the real worth of a concert like this is the money it raises for the charities that is supports. What I’m slightly concerned about is that most news websites it no longer features on their front page. It’s now old news (particularly in light of the security issues that are going on in the UK right now). The princes would be well advised to seek more promotion of the event to keep it in the news for a few more days.

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