fiction.jpg so I’ve just watched a film called “Stranger than Fiction” with Will Ferrell who stars as an tax auditor who suddenly finds that he is the topic of book. More than a book, a narration of HIS life! As he brushes his teeth he hears the women’s voice in his head narrating what he is doing. Obviously the narration starts to affect his life, from his work, to his love-interest, to his death.
There are some interesting parallels that are raised in the film with the theological concept of sovereignty and destiny. I thought it was a fascinating film. There is more about the theological side over at Mars Hill Church Teaching and Preaching podcast. I won’t spoil the fun of watching the film – watch it and then get back to me about any theological issues you think it raises.

2 thoughts on “Film & Theology: Stranger than Fiction


    My favorite line is at the end: “But a character that knows he will die, but goes through it anyway – isn’t that the kind of character you want to keep alive?” (paraphrased from memory)

    That’s Jesus! He’s alive!

  2. Rob you’re right. Time and again Jesus made it clear the the reason He had come was to offer himself. And since He is God He could not stay dead! AWESOME!

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