There has been some rumour over the last few months about a war between Israel and Syria that would develop this summer (2007). Well yesterday (15 June 07) those rumours seem to have been confirmed by Syrian member of parliament, Muhammad Habash when he confirmed on Al-Jazeera Arabic world news satellite TV last week that Syria is indeed engaged in active preparations for a war with Israel. The conflict, said the Syrian MP, is expected to break out during the summer months.

This is especially interesting in light of the recent Hamas versus Fatah struggle that is ongoing in Gaza and the West Bank. It has long been argued that Syria is funding the Hamas militia so is it possible that Syria will also use this new geographical territory as an advantage in a possible summer war – like a pincer movement from the East, West & North?

An article in the Israel National News also interviews senior IDF personnel about recent Israeli training operations that simulate a Syrian invasion. Of course it is denied that they are preparing for war – but why hold training for something that isn’t going to happen?

What does the Bible say about this? Well Isaiah 17:1 talks of “The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.” – this indicates that the Syrians will not be successful should a war break out.


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