QUESTION: If you had to use single words (or short phrases) to use to explain to someone what your church was like, what words would you use?
Here are the words that my leadership team used about our church:

ANSWER: simple, no-hype, no-fluff, bible-believing, verse-by-verse, God chasing, family, community, straight forward, whole bible, intimate, fellowship, disciple making, welcoming, equipping, evangelising,  Spirit filled not Spirit focused.

I like that!

5 thoughts on “Describe your church

  1. I would have to describe my church as, mission, or perhaps “do the mission”.
    Every thing else is to support that mission. I have found in ministry that when people see you doing the mission, they join in, as the single biggest failing of the modern church, is maintenance, not mission. My mission is interfiath reconciliation between the people of the Abrahamic faiths Christian Muslim and Jew, join us for direct links to the Vatican and many other research paths to work toward peace now. Rev, Bruce Holzrichter….Tawodi

  2. Only one response to this, my friend:
    Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name [Jesus] under heaven given to men by which we must be saved

  3. I don’t know who to respond to but as a Christian Minister I of course believe the message of Jesus our Lord and Saviour. Many others do not. I would ask you does that mean we should kill them?? Or should we find ways to say you believe what you believe and i will do the same but our children deserve to live as do you and everybody else we must stop the killing in the name of God. No matter if you are of a faith or are an atheist of no faith at all we all deserve to live.

  4. I quite agree – however I would much prefer to live for eternity in paradise with the Lord. That is the real issue. I would much prefer to see Jews and Muslims come to know Jesus because he is the only way – not through keeping the law and by no other name. I want to see Jews & Muslims come into a powerful and wonderful relationship with Jesus Christ and spend eternity with Him.

  5. Amen brother so would I but to lead we must first survive! That is all I would ask of anyone. I have been accused of trying to begin some new hybrid kind of faith along with the Muslim Gentleman who has begun this effort with me this is a new thing. The best way to explain it is as follows. You go to a pot luck supper and as you wait to eat you meet someone ..Hello are you a member of this church? No actually I’m a muslim…Oh well ,..Lets eat!! It’s that simple but also you MUST be willing to be like St. Peter ..you must first sit and eat. Not to know your enemy but to get to know your new friend yes they are of a different faith but God will sort that out not either one of you.
    Be well in peace friend…Tawodi

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