Pirates of the Caribbean

Well, I went to see it last night as my two oldest kids were raving on about going. I had some reservations as in the UK it had been issued a 12A certificate for fantasy horror. generally it was a fun movie to see – some more gorie parts that previously and a touch of sexual references as well.

I was mostly diappointed that it didn’t live up to my expectations – whether I was hoping for too much I cannot tell but certaily the movie itself was not what I expected. I’m not sure whether the writers were trying to be clever or they were just useless becasue by the end of the film there had been SO many pointless plot twists and silly jokes that it made me feel like I’d been watching some Pirates spoof movie.

The film doesn’t carry the same quality as the first, or even the second. Gone are characters that made me invest my emotions in them, willing them to do something heroic. I didn’t even care if they died because I knew a short trip to Hades would see them back again really soon.

Still, I managed to stay awake and it even got a few giggles out of me (certainly the old bloke in front of me thought it was funny anyway).


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