Ever since I first used an Amstrad 1512 I have used a PC . Never touched a Mac for any longer than a few minutes. Then I bought my ipod – a few years ago now and I can’t live without it. The design and functionality is incredible. For me, Apple combines great looks and great user ability.

As a professional musician and hobby graphic artist I know that Macs far out perform PCs and are the machine of choice for many of my creative buddies.

Anyway, the oppotunity arose for me to trial an Emac: first impressions are good – although I’ve got a feeling that I’m in for a steep learning curve. I’m going to run two tests on it to see if it is “better” than my PC:

1. I’ve been trying to create a DVD for our church – a kind of supporters insight thing. I’ve been trying this with a Sony DVD camcorder and a DELL (P4 3.2 ghz 2Gb RAM) without success.

2. I’ve also been trying to do some more advanced audio processing but windows becomes glitching just thinking about it.

The quality crieteria for my experiment will be:

1. Does it work? This is regardless of my inept design ability. Can I just get it on a DVD?

2. Does is work well? Obviously the finihsed product is largely based on how I design the menus etc but can Iget a semi-professional finish without many hours of work?

3. Do I HAVE to buy extra software? Obviously to do any word processing I will have to get some extra software but in the above tests can I get away with just using iTunes and iDVD?

I’ll keep you posted

ps – this is interesting:

Top Ten Reasons for Upgrading to a PC instead of a Mac:

  • 1. You enjoy reading computer manuals
  • 2. Buying parts ‘not included’ is your idea of being patriotic
  • 3. Blaming it on the PC is a great excuse… for anything
  • 4. Tech support is your idea of telephone dating
  • 5. Your favorite computer game is figuring out where your files are
  • 6. You look forward to today’s new virus (or worm, or both)
  • 7. You like listening to telephone support hold-button music
  • 8. Letting the kids play on the Mac next door frees your time (eliminates after-school kid sitters)
  • 9. You think Bill Gates deserves the money
  • 10. You have nothing better to do with all the extra time

from http://www.user-groups.net/articles/mac_vs_pc.html


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