I’ve been challenged lately about the kind of fruit bearing I am doing. I don’t mean the fruits of the Spirit (although that challenges me too) but in terms of the kind of fruit that comes from my life in regards to other people.

Here’s my thought – an apple holds all that is neccesary to reproduce but it will only ever produce another apple.

Well I know that’s not that profound but hear me out: As a father I have to recognise that  my kids will only become what I am. Not only flesh and bones but word and spirit. I can’t lead them further than I can take them. When I see them being foolish or misbehaving I have to take some responsiblity for that because they are my fruit and will never become anything more that I am. I LONG FOR THEM TO but they won’t.

The people that I am raising up in church ministry will only be reproductions of me. As they see me lead and serve they are imitating me. So when I get frustrated that things are accomplished I have to acknowledge that this is my problem not theirs.

Not here’s the thing: I can get bummed out by that or I can get motivated by that. I can either get depressed and think that there is no hope or I plead more of Jesus in my life so that I will be all that I want THEM to be.

Lord, so be it.


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