so i’ve been listening to a great two part study on Nehemiah by Mark Driscoll, Pastor of Mars Hill Church.

I was truly inspired by his teaching – his detailed handling of the Word and his honesty in expounded them is excellent.

His notes are available on his web site but I thought I’d reproduce some of the thoughts here:

His text is really MAtthew 5:14 – “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” His argument is for Christians to live as citizens of another Kingdom. His premise is that God is building a city within a city. He argues that the story of the Bible goes from one garden to a city with a garden and that God’s people should strive to live as a countercultural city that is an embassy of God’s kingdom.

He then uses Nehemiah as an example of a “church planter” who built a city within a city. One of the main points that Driscoll made that really sank home to me was that often we look at Nehemiah as being someone who was a “doer”. He made things happen. Yet everytime he set out to do something he stop and meditated first. He prayed and sought God’s will first – then moved.

i don’t think I do that often enough. I am an active person. Mark Driscolls recommendation is that I focus on the contemplatative then the active.

Here are the links for those of you that want to check it out:


One thought on “The City within the City

  1. Hi

    Good post.

    I recently also wrote two posts about Nehemiah’s strategy to rebuild the walls. I think the “walls” of our society are also fallen and each of us have to rebuild the bit near *our own* homes.

    That’s actually exactly what *they* did. It wasn’t smooth, wasn’t easy – but it worked.

    Have a read of the first part if you like?

    God bless you,

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