As I was growing up, a grew up in a Christian family, I was always taught that God created the universe – and I never doubted it. There was no way you could call me Christian – throughout my teens I was involved in all kinds of madness – I was a theist – I believed in God because of what I could see around me. The theory of evolution was too ridiculous for me to believe – I even defended the creation view throughout my schooling – but you couldn’t call me Christian. I was a firm theist but I had never discovered the consequence of creation. The consequence of believing evolution is to live my life so that nothing else but matter matters – and that matter that matters is me. I’m a shrink wrapped bag of biological elements that has no right to anything, let alone justice. I have no greater value that a rock. I’m a blob of animate matter, I have no compassion for any other blobs. I don’t have a sense of right or wrong – I can do anything I like. I should have no sense of law because that hinders my goal to survive. Once I invent gods, specifically me, I can rewrite the rules of human conduct. I’m not accountable to a God that doesn’t exist.

The consequence of believing creation is that there is a God who has made me unique –why? The Bible says that we were made for his joy – it was a good thing – He wanted fellowship and love with beings that had the ability to love back out of free will. Only we didn’t love back out for free will – instead we decided to rebel. God stretched out his hands and gave man the brain to smelt iron and make nails and a hammerhead. And the brains and the strength to bring down a tree and to fashion from that tree a handle. Then God stretched out his hands and allowed man to take the nails and the hammer and to nail Him to a cross so that God may demonstrate His love to the world.


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