this bloggin lark is great but I find myself reading WAY more than I find myself writing. That’s not a bad thing in and of itself but it does mean that I have less time on my hands to keep this thing going. Incidentally, it amazes me how may people have travelled through here over the last week or so – they’ve all gone now but I was blown away by the 200+ visitors I was getting every day (that’s lots for me BTW).

Anyway – I thought I’d share with you so blogs of note:

I’ve just started with this – http://mondokblog.blogspot.com/ – looks good. I like the style and content.

Larry Taylor was a huge influence in my life when I first got saved. I watched a set videos that were filmed at the Calvary Chapel Twin Peaks Bible College. They were a series of lectures given by him through the Letter to the Romans. I was a 20 year old guy that had grown up in the church thinking that God was balancing out my rights and my wrongs and that it was up to me to make sure my rights outweighed my wrongs. These lectures blew my mind. Wow! So anyway, here’s his blog: http://thewordinfocus.typepad.com/

As a musician I am hugley indebted to Rod Pearcy from Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. Some of the first albums I bought were ones produced and writen by Him and Clay.  http://rodpearcy.typepad.com/


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