Alright … so I may have been a little overkill on the title, but for good reason. I’ve been going through D.A.Carsons book: “Becoming conversant with the Emerging Church” becasue I want to better understand the movement and also better understand how I can be more relevant with the gospel to this generation.

Well Jacob Prasch gave a sermon at Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara (2007 Prophecy Conference) and I’ve managed to get the video. It says everything that’ve been thinking about the church and culture. Scroll down the page to the vidpod on the right. God Bless


2 thoughts on “Church versus Culture – DEATHMATCH!

  1. Carson’s book is good… but I’d encourage you to also read Four Views (Driscoll is a contributing author) and some of the Emerging/Emergent dudes’ blogs.

    I agree with the whole subtle elevation of culture to being on par with or interpretive of the Bible and Biblical orthopraxy. One reason why while I like certain things by certain ECM-types, I am not ECM myself and never will be.

    This too shall pass; the Word remains.

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