“I believe that pluralistic secularism, in the long run, is a more deadly poison than straightforward persecution” Francis Schaeffer
I am growing more and more aware that the world wants more of my attention. In every part of my life it seems as though the world wants to dominate my thoughts and actions. One of the main ways it does that is that it shows me earthly treasures. These earthly treasures take my attention away from heavenly treasures.
In Matthew 6:19-24 there are three ways in which the world competes for our heart:

  • Riches – v 19-21 – the world shows us earthly riches
  • Wisdom – v 22-23 – the world shows us earthly wisdom
  • Authority – v 24 – the world shows us earthly authority

I have found that the practical implications of focusing my heart of earthly things is defeat in my Christain walk. I’m not talking about sin here, just lack of joy, hope & peace. You see, as my heart focuses on these things I start to become preoccupied with these things. As I become preoccupied with these things I start to wonder if these things can give me what I’m looking for. Then I start to worry. The difference between faith and worry is this: faith perceives potential problems from the perspective of God’s infinite power and fatherly concern over me. Worry, on the other hand, sees only the obstacles and meditates on all the possible disastrous possibilities

One of the wonderful things I love about our Lord is that He doens’t just say “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth” but gives us reasons why and solutions to worrying about them!
In Matthew 6:25-32 outlines 4 reasons why worring about earthly things is faithless and foolish:

  • Worry distort values and reverse priorities
  • Worry fails to see things as they really are
  • Worry is a waste of energy
  • Worry is an act of unbelief

2 thoughts on “Keeping the focus when the world wants more

  1. it is amazing how caught up in worry we can become. i have seen myself be consumed by worldy things. its such a trap because the world tells us that we “need” and even worse the “church” models the same “need”.

    when we have a proper perspective of God’s kingdom, we no longer need worry because we know our Heavenly Father will take care of our needs. we just must seek His kingdom and righteousness. very releaving.


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