I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now about the government’s forthcoming law regarding the rights of homosexuals to adopt children and how this law will force those that have moral convictions to either go agains those convicitions or agaisn the law. Well I’ve been reading this interesting article from the BeThinking web site:


they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake (Matthew 24:4)


3 thoughts on “Christians forced to choose

  1. That bethinking.org article was fantastic. I don’t think I could have put it better myself.

    Remember that your brothers and sisters in the States are praying for the church in the UK.

  2. Truly finding this really tough to work through and listen to but it would appear its just part of the whole apostasy progression of sorts. What really gets me irritated though is how these dire laws are being tested out here in N. Ireland first as if we were some backward little place unlikely to put up any argument about them just because we’re small and perhaps in the eyes of some a bit remote given a tiny strip of water separating us from the rest of the UK. However, the Government hasn’t reckoned on what we are truly about over here – given our own sad history of difficulties, we’ve turned wholesale to religion in every shape and form, and God has brought good out of the evil intent of many here, to the point whereby we apparently have more churches per sq mile than anywhere else in the UK. SO, hopefully enough Ulster people will stand up and rise against this dreadful legislation and make a difference. The Christian Institute are certainly fighting a solid battle on all fronts with us on it. If we don’t succeed tho, the next thing you know they’ll be fighting for equal rights for paedophiles and murderers!!

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