This is my third and final article about Christmas … it will soon be here and so I’m busy with other things. But some closing thoughts about Christmas:

there seems to be lots of people blogging about whether or not Christians should celebrate Christmas – after all it is a pagan festival with some very questionable practises, however, as I’ve already mentioned in the first two parts of this series: wherever there are real truths, there are also counterfiet truths. The same is with Christmas.

I’ve looked at the star and astrology, and the Christmas tree – here are some more thoughts:
I am grateful for all the 1000’s of people that have Christmas lights outside their homes. Not least because it gives no end of joy to my little ones on long journeys but it reminds me of the Saviour. The lights are of course a counterfeit of the real thing. It is not the light hung between two doorposts but THE Light hung between two thieves. Jesus said “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.””
So as I drive past the celebration of illuminated tat I can be reminded that this is the closest this world gets to celebrating Jesus, as Light of the World.
Santa Claus
Another thing Christmas is about is Santa Claus. WAIT! before you hit the X hear me out. This is what I mean:

Society says “wouldn’t it be good if there were a good, gentle man that gave gifts to people. A nice man that freely without wanting anything back in return. Where, during these cold winter months we could have our hearts warmed.” Santa Clause is a counterfeit who is sowing a counterfeit gospel. Santa rewards you depending on whether you have been “naughty or nice” but there is only one who truly is benevolent and kind. The Bible declares that “Every good and perfect gift comes from above”. From THE Father, not father Christmas. And the gifts aren’t determinded by my goodness but by His goodness.

[thinking out loud …… Paul says in Romans 6 that the old man was crucified with Christ. That got me thinking … the old man is the flesh that wars with the spirit. The old man is the one that tells me that I will be rewarded only if I am good. I am to put on the new man]

Another thing that we get so consumed by are the gifts that we give. Another counterfeit of the true gift. The bible says that it is not about the gifts under the tree but the gift ON the tree. Jesus met with a women at a well in Samaria and told said to her “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.”

The enemy will use way to get our focus of the Saviour. Even Christmas. So …

Look to the stars and remember the Creator

Put up the Tree and remember the Saviour

Turn on the Lights and remember the Illuminator

Rekon the old man dead and remember the Father

Open the gifts and remember the Giver.


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