Vivaldi GloriasI was visiting a further education college last year and wandered into a rehearsal of Vivaldi’s Gloria in D major (RV 588 if you must know). Although the singers were in their mid teens, and still a work in progress, i was struck by how wonderful this piece of music was.

I’ve never been a huge Baroque lover – I know a little Bach (Goldberg variations and St. Matthews Passion are my recommendations), I also know of some of the less well known baraoque works but always avoided Vivaldi. I don’t know why, maybe it was because i grew up in the Nigel Kennedy era when the world was filled with the “Four Seasons” – seemd like every TV advert, radio jingle and hotel foyer was either Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter – and I grew to dislike Vivaldi as if that was all he had written.

So I left the college and headed to HMV where I bought Vivaldi Glorias sung by St Johns College Choir. It has become a favourite of mine, especially early in the morning when all is quiet.

There you go.


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